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Look at me, into my eyes See what you have done to my soul. I am trapped, Never to be free, Condemned to walk the earth As the children of the skies Taunt me with their haunting cries. With one flash of your blade, you have imprisoned me. Is this what you dreamt of, My sister? With that traitorous act, Three hundred years ago? Perhaps I shall never know What drove you to this path. But one thing is certain; I will kill you, one day, at last. You'll probably want an explanation on this picture... Drintarr, or Darlinti as he commonly goes by, is the current guardian of the Starswords-twin short swords with a magical stone set in the pommel, though no one knows if it's actually part of a star-and had been appointed that role at his birth, being the firstborn and the strongest of his siblings (he was a triplet...). However, when the man who had been after the Starswords for the last couple centuries found out where his mother, the previous guardian, was staying, he wasted no time in directing his most powerful assassins to get rid of the family. One of the assassins, a mage, felt the power of Drintarr's soul and decided to trap it inside a crystal and use it as an extension of his own power. What he didn't know, though, was that Drintarr, despite being only eight years old at the time, had a stronger bond between soul and body than most grown men. This, along with Drintarr's impressive immunity to magic, assisted in the failure of the mage's spell, though not without consequences: Drintarr, not knowing how to use his magical immunity or his bond between soul and body to his advantage, had half his soul torn away and released. So now Drintarr wants revenge on the mage who tore his soul, as well as the person who betrayed his family to the man who sent the assassins. Curiously enough, magic residues around his home indicated that his sister, Kartia, had survived, and taken the Starswords with her. Drintarr, of course, immediately tried to find her. Unfortunately, she didn't seem too happy when he found her three hundred years later, and they battled high above the seas. Drintarr, never very strong following the tear in his soul, was overmatched against his sister, her movements enhanced by the magical swords, led to his quick defeat and near death. Indeed, he would have died had the people of the Mer not carried him to shore. I really like how the background turned out, especially since it's the first one I've tried doing in PSP. At first I considered having it full day and his blood creating a red area in the water around where he sat on the sand, but I realized I didn't have that much ability to make the blood seem to mix with the water. It was hard enough just making it look like he was bleeding. Then I thought of making a nighttime scene... Until I realized I couldn't do stars properly and that I had no idea how to make shadows in the night. Finally, I settled on the blood-red sunset reflecting off the water. The water could have been better, but since I was working with a paint program that undid the wrong things when you clicked the undo button, it was the best I could do. I realize my shading and computer coloring skills leave a lot to be desired, but I'm working on it, believe me!

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