Jacquelyn Cook

12December2007 Wow. It's almost 2008. That maykes it four years since I've looked at this thing. Insane. My newer and somewhat talented things (more photography is on deviantart.com under moonlitrendezvous if you are /that/ interested, which I highly doubt. I'll probbaly not get on in here another 4 years, since I'm trying to graduate college and all that o.o Anyhow..that's that, now on to the stats: Stats name: Jackie age: nineteen- one month from twenty. Ahhh! location: Texas gender: I am woman hear me roar *hiiith, hiiiith* obsessions as of now: Boondock Saints, Dark Tower, Blind Guardian, civil war reenacting, archery. progress today(12Dec07): Updated profile. I like civil war reenacting, marine sciences, amtgard, archery, dark tower Favourite movies Firefly! Favourite music Blind Guardian