Pia Jonsson

 what am i suppose to say here?? i don´t kow! please God if you there HELP ME!i have just about 54721852 thoughts in my head(spelling??)  if you want to know. probably not. but i´m told you anyway ^-^ in your faces, hah.well, now im going to get serious, maybe if I can...  i´m a 13 year old girl from sweden. not to pretty...  i´m also kind of weird. quiet and weird. i like to draw and write stories. and to read. i read at least 2-3 books/ week. yes i do. i told you that i´m weird....   oh look i can!! Bye >. I like reading! and listen to music and drawing (dah) and my wonderful fantasy..^-^ kind of.. Favourite movies i love lord of the rings<3 , nothing is better, and i dont know about tv shows, but maybe avatar an fulmetal alcemist. sort of Favourite books lord of the rings. the belgariad and all the other books by David and Leah Eddings Favourite music PARAMORE <3<3

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