Michelle Bradshaw

GOAL: To create fantasy you can believe in DREAM: I'd love to work on a Tim Burton production WEBSITE: http://www.pixiwillow.com/ I've loved sci-fi and fantasy since I was a kid. I played role playing games like D&D and TMNT, and would often draw my own characters and those of friends as well. Unfortunately, I grew up believing that I had to leave the world of fantasy and enter the 'real world'.  Even though it had never been a career goal for me, I never totally let go of art.  Instead of the fantastic, I chose more 'acceptable' subjects...painting murals, portraits and wildlife, whenever I had extra time.  Several years ago, my daughter saw a picture in a magazine, of some faeries that Wendy Froud had created with polymer clay. Her wish to own one led me back to my roots in fantasy, but this time I was designing and sculpting  3 dimensional figures. The feeling of being able to take a piece of clay, almost give it a life of it’s own, and then hold that very creation in my hand, waiting for it to take it’s first breath is surreal. I was and am forever ... enchanted.