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Paul Doyle

Started this one shortly after Thanksgiving, and it is the first picture I have actually finished since that "Butt-Slappers, Inc" pic I did for Ultraviolet's contest a while back. I had a bad case of winter blues, though this winter was/is probably the mildest on record. Perhaps I need to move my family to warmer climes? Time will tell, and they have a say in the matter. Pauly the Anthro-Dragon is *gasp* actually wearing something! It's just a skimpy speedo, but he's not one to wear clothes unless he absolutely has to. And since there's a child in the picture (namely, Patrick the Anthro-Dragon, making his debut!) this is a no-brainer for me although I support artistitic nudity provided it's adults only. Happily, the real Kathy wants to have a body that somewhat resembles Kathy the Anthro-Dragoness's lean and muscular yet shapely and undeniably feminine body. (She's not a starving toothpick, either.) I'm much happier that the real Kathy's willing herself to lose weight for her health. I suppose that given the time and inclination I could get an upper body like Pauly the Anthro-Dragon (after all, I have the same basic shoulder/chest frame) but that's vain, and I'm way more concerned about Kathy's shape. Except for the lower part of that funky chair, no references whatsoever were used in the making of this picture. The clouds come straight from memory (one of my secret desires is to go on a tornado chasers with people who know what they are doing!) and I've seen enough clips/pictures to know the cloud structural differences between a land tornado-producing supercell, and towering cumulus which produces "fair-weather" waterspouts as well as landspouts, a weak non-supercell tornado type that I have witnesses firsthand (I nearly drove into a landspout in the '90s!) Anyway, happy to actually finish something, and if that beach ball isn't reason alone to use references, I don't know what is. References would definitely have improved this picture, but oh well. For continuity purposes, this pic takes place about 15 years after many of the pictures of a definitely single Pauly the Anthro-Dragon doing various things with other (usually female) anthropomorphic characters. His projected lifespan is more than triple my own, and he ages a lot more slowly than I do. (Another reason why I'm a bit jealous of this character, never mind his various exploits and shenanigans that put mine to shame! *chuckle*) Kathy the Anthro-Dragoness is (c) Katherine T. Doyle, my real-life wife. Patrick the Anthro-Dragon is (c) Patrick W. Doyle, my real-life son. Art, Pauly the Anthro-Dragon is (c) Paul J. Doyle, the dorky guy who's writing this description.

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I decided to break out of a rut, and try something completely different. So I got into a little challenge with Elfwood writer Leigh Erickson: If she could write about something OTHER than death, I would write a death poem! So here it is, about a fictitious Egyptian pharaoh named Chepankhtep (yes; I chickened out trying to come up with rhymes, so I left his name out of the poem! I hope it's exciting and fun . . . and has a twist. The Mexican mummies mentioned are no longer literally hanging around; they are in museums now. If you've ever seen the original 'Faces of Death', you've seen some of the Mexican mummies mentioned here. This is the very first attempt I've made at something this dark.

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