Ruth Latchford

Harry Potter - I love it. This Fan Quarter gallery is currently dedicated to it although, if you'd like to see some of the other stuff I do you can go to my SF&F gallery here on Elfwood or my deviantArt gallery which is full of all sorts of exciting things...possibly. More about me: I'm a cartoonist & illustrator planning to work in the children's fiction field. I work with children in my 'other' job, as a nursery nurse & get to use my creative skills daily in the nursery environment. I love sf, fantasy & horror & did toy with the idea of going into comic book art, but I'm not in that league yet! Looking for some feedback & comments on my artwork & thought this is the place to get it! Thanks for all the great comments given so far - it's very encouraging! !!!Update!!! As you may know Elfwood crashed some time ago, just when I was planning to update my gallery. Now I've finally managed to get some of my newer artwork up & some of my lesser artwork down. I hope you feel compelled to comment on them ;) I also have a new DeviantArt account here devoted to the on-line rpg Harry Potter: Illusion & Delusion. A host of related artwork & logs from the game can be found there.