Ivy Callier

My name is Ivy Callier and I love to read. The characters in books are so much fun to draw, ESPECIALLY when you have the opportunity to draw them as YOU see them with no hints except what the book has to offer. I don't often dabble in Fan Art, but I, like almost everybody else, get my inspirations from other works. Being able to draw and post those already copyrighted works is exciting, so, I should be updating here more often than never... lol... Please go check out my other galleries if you like what you see here!



This is a poem describing the entense feeling of pain and rapture that comes with changing from human to vampire, mortal to immortal. It tells of the struggles that a new vampire will face and the emotional struggle, such as killing your first victim and living through ridicule about being called 'damned' and 'cursed'. I'm quite proud of this. I hope you like it too.

The Curse of the Porcelain Doll

I've had this porcelain doll forever - she's got a bean bag body and her face has been painted into a stare that has a friend of mine running scared. Indeed, it is VERY creepy, but she bends to my will, thank god... she is my side-kick in battling evil, and/or all who annoy me, lol. One day I shall carve a porcelain mask and paint it exactly as her's is and I shall wear it all the time... yeah, sounds like a plan - then she will never get mad at me. She scores me big points with the teachers, anyway - my computer teacher loves her and my art teacher is dying to see her. Maybe I should put a picture up?

The Grave Ride of New York

This was another English assignment ofor Mr. Kearney. I guess this is a pretty humorous story, seeing as the last line is 'Won't this make a perfect anecdote to tell the girls?' I never quite understood what anecdote meant, but Mr. K. said it was a humorous telling of a bunch of events and my dictionary, my God, said they are a short account of an incident (especially a biographical one), so, I'm confused. Maybe you won't be?


A poem about ... vampires, to say it shortly. I got a lot of comments for this one from family and friends, but now I want to know what all of you think. This isn't too detailed, but it gets the point across... man, love vampires...


Ok, let me get this perfectly straight - SONG. Not POEM, SONG. This is a song I wrote for a band I was trying to start called Rude Awakening... but, that idea is dead. Personally, I don't think it ever lived. The second I mentioned the idea it spread like wild fire and too many people wanted to be in it. So far, we had two drummers, three guitarists, five singers and no one willing to compromise. I couldn't take it - there was no way we were getting anywhere with a million people and no organization. I quit. My idea? Down the drain. I care? Yes. If I ever get possessed to start a band again, I'm going solo. Sorry guys. I wrote this song because it went well with my voice. I wrote this song so my closer friends and I could have a shot to be somebody. I wrote this song because I thought we had a chance - that means nothing to anybody I am guessing.

You Can't Hide Forever

This was another project for school but it wasn't for Mr. K this time. It was for Ms. Ladieu, so, eh. In my handwriting this was 14 pages, but typed up it's a measley four! FOUR! That works, though, because the original assignment was a short story at least four pages long. I'm sure 14 would've just been overwhelming. Anywho I hope you enjoy this, because even though the whole Lip Sync thing is rather random I didn't have a choice (she made us pick a simile and a setting. Mine were 'white as a ghost' and 'at the lip sync', soo...) I hope you can live with the randomness. I tried.

Child of Stone

This, if you couldn't tell, is about Gargoyles. I don't want comments or complaints about the girl's name - I blanked out, okay? This was an English assignment for my teacher Mr. Kearney - I had no time to dawdle on a name for the child. This was 14 pages long written in my hand (which, let me tell you, is not exactly fair) and was made to be a fable, although I've forgotten to type it up in the actual story, so, I guess I'll say it here : The moral of this story is not to care about what other people do or say, but to trust and follow your own heart and mind to know what's right. You and only you truely know how you feel about something. And remember, seeing is believeing.


Ha, I garauntee a shocker. This is my first ever mystery, and maybe even my last - I hate mysteries with a passion. Anyways, I love vampires, and I needed an idea for an assignment for Mr. Kearney, yep, another one. He makes us write a lot, man... I love it. I wonder if he wonders if something's wrong, because there's always a death in my stories, whether it has already happened, is happening, or is about it happening, there is always some kind of a death. You must read to find out who has been killed, this time.

Greatful Surrender

I wrote this a loooong time ago when a close friend of mine commited suicide - or so I had thought. Ever since then I have not heard from him, but I must think hopeful thoughts. If anyone gets confused, well, good - this is about Heaven, Hell, and the complications of how it all works.

Dragon Rage

I wrote this because I have been trapped in a very stressful situation, so I put it all into a fantasy setting and, Viola!, Dragon Rage. These are the last moments before my death... after, you know, coming face-to-face with a dragon. I think the dragon is based on the looming disaster in my life, but, who knows? I could just be whacked.

The Believer

Erm... this is rather interesting, but I wrote it because... well, I wrote it so long ago that I have no idea anymore. As far as I can figure, I wrote it after I wrote Greatful Surrender and was biten to bleeding point by lost love... or something like that. That last line sucks, I know, but I still can't figure out anything better. Suggestions anyone?