-------------------------------News Ticker: Scientests Search For Simi Surfaced Sasquach South of San Salvador... -------------------------------  Where are the Sci/Fi "Moderator's Pic"? I haven't seen very many! We feel discriminated! Sci/Fi Fans Want an explanation!! Ok, so where to start? ok well who cares? it's not like anyone reads my bio... what's that? you are? ok well I guess you do care :.) I'm a college student in East Washington, I have 4 years to go until I am a full fleged OT (Occupational Therapist) I have had no formal training in art, I will make mistakes and that's OK. We all learn from mistakes.I work with several mediums, including (but not limited to) graphite, and Digital, ie: gimp, and SAI, and photoshop... and guitars. I do a wee bit of photography, but not much to speak of. My Talent is God Given. Without My Lord and Savior I'm just a pile of dirt and dust. He gives me my ideas and talent... I'm very selfish and I don't usualy give God all the credit Due... so Forgive me if I seem like I'm a selfish hog but that's just my Human Nature kicking in >:( I like Warhammer 40k (i don't play it though.. just draw it) My fav food is... well u don't need to know that.i am a born Texan (and there is nothing that can or will be done about it.) No, I don't like Northern "Mexican" food... it wreeks of NASTY!If you know me (i presume you don't just for the fact that your reading this) i have a tendency to put ()s in my bio... (I like to because it says "Hey! read this! It has nothing to do with what i'm saying right now!!!") and i also rev off into jokes (that's my perosonality... i like jokes) and similar things like that ie. querky catch phrases.I like ZOMBIES and Tanks... not that i have drawn any... i just like them... don't ask why... maybe i drew a few tanks... that the first thing that comes into my mind when im thinking of what to draw... that and helicopters... I don't know why. I'm serious... Helicopters is one of the first things that comes to mind... I must draw a helicopter one of these days...    RaNDoM BlAnk spAce!!!!!       Elfwood Science Fiction Club (List) --LINKS TO AWESOME SCI FI ART GALLERIES BELOW--I  Message        me     I    if        you              I                   II                  want        I            to          join    I        the      I     SCI    FIV                                V                                V                 V     CLUB John R McCoy (http://vangonzalen8611.elfwood.com)John R Farley ( http://johntex.elfwood.com/ ) Kimberly A Taylor ( http://www.elfwood.com/~kataylor )Johannes L Mäki ( http://www.elfwood.com/~peakstar )Zach Polar Bexar Rath ( You are here )Morgan Rhys Emlyn Jenkin  ( http://www.elfwood.com/~jhawke84/profile.html )Steffi 'Vahilor' Kunkel ( http://steffikunkel.elfwood.com/profile.html )Daniel Bliss ( )Oswald Johnathon Levesque ( ) Paul Sneck ( )      "No battle was ever won that was poorly planned. No plan ever succeeded that was poorly conceived.""For those who seek perfection there can be no rest this side of the grave.""Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun.""Burn the mutant, Kill the heretic, Purge the unclean" "Retreat is not an option? Retreat is Always an option..."    I used to like "Halo" but after Bungie droped the bomb shell (Halo 3) and Blew the Halo franchise to pices... WARHAMMER 40K Space Marine is comming out, That sounds like a redemeing factor for Video Games methinks  About my Pictures: okay, this is what you are realy here for isn't it? not to read some pointless thing about me (although I am pretty interisting). okay, where to start? the only pictures that are here (i assume they are there by the time you are reading this unless they got held up in the mod prosses) you should be looking at some realy good pictures! warhammer is my thing and if you like it "Kudos" to you if you don't like it.......................something must be serously wrong with you. (that's my mentatity: if i mess up... it's your falt)  I draw Sci/Fi for the soul reason to add more Sicence Fiction to the narrow scape of Elfwood. If there could be more recognition to the few Sci/Fi fans/artest then I would be satisified and would too broden my horrisons...I have the LARGEST Warhammer art colection on Elfwood. go ahead and search it... you will see that 80% is mine (search Warhammer40K)       FBI WARNING"FBI WARNING" Do NOT copy my art in any way what-so-ever! not to be mean or anything it's just the way I am. if you ask you may get premision... but only if I get the credit and ONLY if you ask.Tanks for reading this poinless Bio! I like Tanks, ZOMBIES, m00zk, Lego's, Warhammer, Guitar... Guitar, and stuff Favourite movies I'm changing that to "Games": Halos 1, 2, ODST, and Reach(I hate 3 with a passion), Battlefield ANYTHING (1942/3, 2142, Bad Co 1&2 and Battlefield 2, I HATE COD with a Passion! oh! and Mercenaries 1-2 (those were really good games) Favourite books Ciaphas Cain, The Hobbit, 15 Hours, The Blitz, Emperor's Mercy, Flesh and Iron, and Calvin and Hobs Favourite music Punk Rock, Grunge, Pop rock, Three days grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Broken Compass