Laura Bennett (Polo)

Two new chapters for I Turned Away! Hellio! I am Laura, as you can tell by the big thing saying 'Laura Monica Bennett', although most people call me Polo. I could explain why, but basically it's my beautifwul Hobbit RP character's name, lol. I'm 15, you know. Yup. I live in the Southwest of England next to a main road and lots of trees and fields. I have many, many animals; 4 cats, 3 dogs, an owl, a snake, two guinea-pigs, a rat, two stick insects and lots of fish. I like to drink coke and/or pineapple juice in lemonade and I like to eat cheese. Not really much else to tell about me... That handsome teddy in the picture is Raggy, my raccoon. Isn't he gorgeous? I've had him since I was 3 and he has slept in my bed almost every night after that. Some people call me weird for still having a teddy to huggle at night. I am. Mwa ha ha ha. -~-*-~- I Turned Away Devany is 'killed' by her vampyre best friend, Donias. It's a nice (in the loosest sense of the word) story, unfinished of course, about her struggle. I've been told it's different to all those other vampyre stories. I have a unique perspective of things, apparently. I also like cheese. There are 5 chapters finished of this story. Marione Another vamp story, but completely different. Marione is a really young girl who has been Turned. She's rescued by three friends in a cave. As you do. Not really clear on where this is going, but I like it. Mergen's Curse I'm not sure how to describe this. It was for my English Coursework, I got an A* for it. I'm going to expand on the story through people's advise. Clover and Selina are identical twins. Clover is dying, and while Selina sobs on the beach a Mergen (kind of like a mermaid, but more sinister and without a tail) appears. Oops. The Earl and the Goddess Lol! Completely random story here. May write a sequel, I don't know. It's not the best written piece in the world, but then I wasn't trying, lol. It's about an Earl who doesn't keep his promise, basically. I think. Mitka Lea (or Rea, I can never remember, lol!) is a Rekkee, or half-Elf. She lives in a village of Elves as a social outcaste because of her colouring (my Elves are much paler than Humans). She meets Mitka, a pure Elf. Yay. I've mixed up views in this, you see. Elves and Humans share many qualities but the Dryads are most like us real Humans...Humans can hear much better than Elves to compensate for the excellent eyesight of Elves. I like details. More coming soon, and PLEASE COMMENT! Some Writers I enjoy Kristan Diane Cudd Amy Michelle Lawn

The Earl and the Goddess

A little story I wrote in my spare time in a moment of storytelling boredom. I know it doesn't *actually* make much sense but I sort of liked it that I actually managed to finish a story without lots of prompting from my English teacher!

I Turned Away (chapter 2)

The horror continues...

Mitka: Discussions (Three)

Mitka and Lea talk of life to be and other things.

I Turned Away (chapter 5)

Elves...I am not liking them. *scowls* I'm very in to my own story now. I'm stuck! Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! :D And yes, I am fully aware of the typos. I just don't want to change them yet.

I Turned Away (chapter 4)

Elves! Elves! Everywhere! What will Devany do? *giggles*

Mitka: Hatred (Two)

Part two of the story. Read part one. The Rekkee is taken with Mitka to Hrit, the place of peace, or is it?

I Turned Away

This is a tale of christmas past...nah, not really. Devany is attacked by her vampyre 'friend' and everything slides downhill from there...

I Turned Away (Chapter 3)

A bit strange, is this chapter. Read parts one and two first of course, or you'll be confused.

Mergen's Curse

Clover is suffering from a serious illness. There is nothing save her. Then, on a pebbled beach, something happens to cut Clover's pain short...

Marione Part Two

The little girl Vampyre has been brought back to the cave of Loton. She makes a few revelations.


I can't name things until I've finished writing them, so sorry for the title. This is a story based on an old RP. A child vampyre.

Mitka: Beginning (One)

This is chapter one of a story I wrote, told by a 'Rekkee' or Half Elf about her best friend, Mitka, a pure Elf.