Paulina Gonzalez Diaz

The father said to his son: -Fetch me from thence a fruit of the Nyagrodha tree -Here is one sir -Break it -It is broken, sir -What do you see there? -These seeds, almost infinitesimal -Break one of them -It is broken, sir -What do you see there? -Not anyhting, sir The father said: - My son, that subtile essence wich you do not percieve there, of that very essence this great nyagrodha tree exists. Believe it my son. That wich is the subtile essence in it all that exists has its self. It is the True, It is the Self, and thou, O Sretaketu, art It. Chandogya Upanishad; Hindu sacred scriptures. Welcome to my little corner of the woods. Feel free to leave coments, I'd love to have a chat. UPDATE: Well it seems the Gods the The Elfwood have finally punished me for not updating often and caused the April 1st crash just after I uploaded some new stuff....oh well...I repent and update...I'm re-updating *looks up at Elfwood Gods*... On to bussiness: After a well deserved summer break I'm back to University again, and pursuing my other passion in life, Science. And back on track to becoming an Astronomer! woohoo! Most of these pics are the fruit of the summer holidays, spent travelling, relaxing, drawing and writting. These are what I managed to finish, the rest of the fruit is still in the basket waiting to be coloured, cleaned up or whatever and will be uploaded when they reach a presentable state. Which I'm afraid will not be soon: Science is a jealous passion and seldom leaves time for anything else!