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Phae'Shalee dances naked: What are you looking.. oh. Yes, of course I'm naked, for in my devotion to Eilistraee, the goddess who is clad only in her hair, I have decided to live nude when it is permissable. It's in pure religious context of course. Priestess? Oh, maybe someday, but I am a Holy Liberator... basically we are kin to paladins, but more focused on the freedom of goodness then they are.Well there is evil to be sought, and dances to be danced. Fare thee well! *chuckles* I wanted to make a 'paladin of Eilistraee' but there weren't any chaotic good paladins.. then I found the Holy Liberator! It's a chaotic good paladin like prestige class. They have many of the same abbilities, just focused more on freedom then law. (eg, immune to charms rather then fear, removes enchantments instead of disease.. and instead of laying on hands they remove fatigue.) Well I was trying to think of something religious for her clothing, and clerics of Eilistraee perform thier rituals and dances nude. Even some ritualistic hunts are done in the nude... then it dawned on me how fun, and funnily appropriate that is! So I made basically a chaotic good nude paladin. ^^ (all in devotion to her nude goddess of course) She does wear clothing when she HAS to, carries some potent bracelettes of defense.. and wears boots (as who wants to step in some of the things you do while adventuring? Yuck.) None the less, another of Mi'Ri'Lil's daughters. (Pencil sketch, coloured in adobe, 2005)

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