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Portia StLuke

August 2000. Pastel and charcoal on paper. This was a commissioned piece for a magazine that specializes in the fantasy role-playing "World of Darkness" series. Perhaps best known for Vampire: the Masquerade, this series also includes Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Mage: the Ascension, along with a host of other books covering every sort of "ghostie and gholie and long-leggetie beastie" one might concieve of. This genre is usually set in the moern world, but with that oh-so-tasty dark-fantasy twist. The field was wide open, provided I stay within that world... oh, yes, and please give us something original? You know, something other than the classic "cool vampire who's wearing cool shades and coolly leaning up against a building while looking really cool..." There was the challenge. Stay within the genre, but give us something original. Great! So, I thought to myself, "Every protagonist needs an antagonist... Some folks don't like vampires or werewolves at all... And the "Priest" was created.   Update: When this image was displayed in my gallery on ArtZone, one of the more colorful characters wrote the following description: One of them non-violent left-handed packing priests, eh. Yeh, yeh--ex-Marine and all that, sure. Teaches the orphans in Boys' Town to box. Does nothing to speak of for the Wimmens' who have been vessels of sin and tepmtation since Paul. Always ready for a religious war. Keeps his bodily fluids pure and is a regular Minuteman in that department. Hasn't read Androcles and the Lion. In fact, has not even read or understood the Four Gospels, and knows no Greek. But "Christian"" is his WORD, yeah right. BLAMMO. FIRE AWAY. Thinks the "Leather Nun" is blasphemous and made up out of whole cloth. Oh no, not in his "Church". Exremely good at covering up--fig leaves and defending clerical pedophiles with parishioner's coins. Might as well be Amida Pure Land Buddhism with a Blowhard authoritarian OT tribal "God" and a vicious sexist and Hebraic anti-woman tinge, hoho.

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