My name is Paulien van der Krift. I'm born in Holland-Breda on may the 22th 1989. I first started when I was three years old with drawing flowers and animals. Of course they weren't very real. But the older I got more better I became. It's been so long since I first started and all that time my drawings were for myself, my friends and family. But now I'm so glad that I can publish my work for others. Who really inspires me are other artists and animators. But also other things like clouds and simple holes in walls. I'm a fan of anime/manga and some of my pictures look like it. Other ones are created in my own style of art: Keinzo. Well this is it. I haven't really got any goals yet, so for now I keep it on publishing. So I hope you all enjoy my work. Loves always, Paulien P.S. You should realy check my fantasy art.