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Paulien van der Krift

This is what I call Nilmë, or friendship. In the picture below you can see two friends who travel thouthrough Middle-Earth. Singing and dancing. Playing a flute and singing lifely. I makes the Earth come alive. We made the Earth start singing and the trees start dancing. The Shire come more alive than ever before. On the left, it's me, Náriël Elenilimba. Singing and dancing on the beginning of the journey. On the right, it's Morgaine, the Elfhobbit. It is my friends of the Arda. Dancing and playing the flute at the beginning of the journey. We are on our way to Rivendell now. We wanted to warn Lord Elrond and tell him about the Orcs invasion in Fangorn Forest. But I remembered that the Elves of Rivendell sailed to Valinor 15 years ago. Morgaine desided to go to the city of Bree, before a huge storm would catch us. We are on our way now. Thank you, Morgaine. I would have never gone so far without you. Thank you for coming along. Mellon-nin. Namárië.... (The things I do on MSN)

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