Jeff McVey

Hey there. Welcome to my fanart gallery. Most of what you will fnd here is furries from the Sonic series, with a few...ok MANY improvements. My friend Preston and I have always worked together on new ideas for the series. To check out his fantasy stories, check '' here, For his Knuckles Fanart, click ''hereOK now eyes back at me. ^^ Enjoy!

Prolouge:My Level, Corrupt

This was going to just be a short story. But then I found out that most of my other poems could fit into this with a little plot twisting. So Tasheval ((from my poem, 'Wrath of Tasheval')) and Scelestra ((from my poem 'Angel on my level')) will both be in my novel, the rest of the heros I can't introduce here, you'll just have to read and find out! I feel it is a nice work and my first step towards a (good) novel! ^^

War chant of the Tarnell

My newestwar chant! I love writing these, the are so fun to sing! Hope yu enjoy it! ((By the way, the Tarnell are the opposng force to the Lexiconians, the race my first chant))

My Level, Corrupt : Ch1

Finally! Ch 1 is done! It may SEEM confusing, but I swear it only adds to the all coming together near the end. As you might notice, the entire PLANET is different than the polouge. But we'll see Torry and Scieta and Octaivio soon enough. Well, enjoy! ^^

Tome Of triumph entry 1

This snippet was mentioned in chapter 4? Or five...I cannot remember. Anyways, I figured t's worth a shot to make it seem more valid.

Angel On My Level

This inspired my current novel!It is also my first decent poem! (( Also one of my best)It is about an Angel who's enitre world could be turned upside down if she dosn't stop a demon of unimaginable proportions. She needs a mortal man to accompany her to the battle for her heavenly status to be secure, unfortunatly, the mortal falls deeply in love with her, this is the prolouge of the story, it is a poem the mortal man wrote.

MLC: Ch3

Ahhh, things get a bit more described starting here, but as you will soon find out, not enogh. Every chapter from here on will have an exerpt from the Vessalouge, which is the story of Challisous and his descendants ((Mostly Challisous II )) Well, enjoy! (comments on this are appritiated on this especially, I need to know if this flows well enough) thanks!


HAHAHAHA! Finally! School's out! ...and summer school starts in three days. Oh well, I'll still have ample time to write the novel. This chapter ties the two stories together, and yet it answers little. Annoying little sucker, aint I?

MLC: Ch 2

ATTENTION: For this to make little to any sense at all, READ THE PROLOUGE! There, now that that's taken care of.... HURRAY! I am so hypped,I finaly have a nice flow for this story, no more confusion, its all straitforward from here. Guess what? Torry is back! ^^

Anime Series Theme Song

well, I havn't decided on the title quite yet, so this will do for now. Basically it is your slapstick gorgious girl squad fighting evil and doing all the adult sided anime things on the side ::ahem::: anyways, I love this, enjoy!

Lexicolian War Chant

At one point I was part of an RPG as a army commander. I love marching cadences and chants, so I often think of new ones. This is one that I'm not as proud of compared to some others, but it's the first one I wrote down. This army thinks it was attacked first when in reality they know in their hearts they are the aggressors.

The Wrath of Tashevell

AKK! I just realized I spelt the name wrong! The poem dosn't rhyme unless it's Tashevell, but the novel it's Tashevall because...well I just like it better. Please forgive me and just go with the flow. Anyways,Tashevall took over another world and he was the evil ruler more many generations, until a leader of the people, Challisous, led a revolt against him and locked him into the eternal tranquility prison, the Crypt of Vine. Yet he escaped due to some of his mortal followers that released him, now he seeks revenge.

A Thanks to My Readers...

I just decided to thank the creators of Elfwood and all of my readers in one poem. The majority of my comments are from ladies, so the person in question is a she, but I refer to everybody! Thank you everybody for making my experiance so fun!

MLC ch 5

Ok, I PROMISE, from now on, I wil put 100% more ert intomy novel instead of my poems. But I need your help...I need to to criticize the heck out of these chapters I have to make sure the next ar much beter. Thank you!