Cilissa Harris

Ok. Hello. I'm not sure why your reading this when you should be studing my art there might be a quiz. No!~I'm kidding. But if you would like to know about me. I'm a single mom of three adorable kids which I might feature in some of my art as pixies and merkids. I train horses and I love to draw horses, unicorns and pegisi. I just recently put some of my equine art on here so tell me what you think just please don't be rude.  Unfortunantly I'm not confident in this field so I revert to my second favorite Dragons. No one knows what a dragon looks like so when I draw one I don't feel like I'm disapointing anyone if the eyes are to big or something weird like that. I'm a struggling shader. I cannot shade worth a darn. I'm seeking help maybe SHADER'S AA meetings will start soon. Anyway that's alittle about me! O.K. Update I'm getting better at the whole shading thing. I actually found patience in my self to sit down and well draw for more than 20 minutes. I'm gonna be posting some of my new stuff up here it just has to go threw the moderators. Check it out.