Mari Pueyo

well, you know my name, and besides it there is no much to know about me. I'm from Barcelona, I'm a girl, and... mmm... well, my art speaks more than my words. That will be a second or third gallery, less important than the elfwood one, because I do more fantasy than fanart. Hope you like it.

He was a prince...

That's the prologue of I story that I have in mind... but I don't know if I will never write it, mostly due to my lazyness. Again, my english sucks, so... be merciful.

The smell of Blood

Something different. It's the beggining of something that, again, I will never finish, but I like how it came out, though it, as always, surely has lost with my translation.

Gods like chess (fragment): the last morning

Another fragment on the Dryss and Daudan story. I'm sure I made it wrong with some verbs... but I really love that particular part (because it's cruel and I love to make Dryss suffering :P ). Perhaps someday I'll explain what happened the night before ^_~

Gods like Chess (fragment): Betrayal

That's one of my favorite fragments of a story I'm writing with a friend (and that happens to be one of _my_ parts), so I decided to put it in here. For the ones that know Dryss and Daudan from my art gallery, only tell them that is one of the most important parts in the plot. I promise I will translate more fragments, but it's very hard to find how to express myself in english correctly.

Genesis 3. 1-7 (fragment)

That's the very begining of one of my favourite stories. It's about... well, I let you guess, with that title... ^_^ I've chosen the begining because... because I think it's cute and it shows the patterns of the whole story. Or at least I think so. Yes, not very original subject, but angels are sexy ^_~


That story is a translation of an old story of mine. It came out one day, just trying to write in second person. Dificult, very dificult... and very odd. I allow you to guess ^_~

The weight of past

That's just a fragment of my longest story, that is still untitled (because I always named it after the main character name... but I don't like that as a name for the story). Well, the story is long to resume in here, but it is about a prophecy to fulfill, the ones that will have to do that and the four elements, some kind of gods... or more exactly, guardians of the balance, wich is determined by a stone (from where everything was born). That fragment is just in between of the story, but I like it specially, because is in here when you begin to find the reason why Fire is always so rude with Water... It's a bit confusing... but I hope you like it.