Stephanie Law

If you're looking for any of the old pictures that used to be here, you can always find it at my personal website, Shadowscapes. That site contains a pretty complete archive of everything I have done since 1997.A few other notes:     - No requests for free character drawings, please.     - Prints are available here     - Yes, you're welcome to use my art on your non-profit webpages and for personal purposes, as long as you follow the guidelines I have in this FAQ page.That stuff aside, a bit about me: As of late 2001, I have been a professional illustrator. Prior to that I was a programmer doing art into the twilight hours. At any rate, I currently live in California. Most of my color work is done in watercolor. I'm also rather fond of black and white pencil and ink work, though I don't have much of that in this gallery. As far as formal training goes, I got a BA in Fine Art at UC Berkeley in 1998. Fantasy art is what I have been always drawn to, and my major influences have been Michael Whelan, Dave McKean, diTerlizzi, Daniel Merriam, Surrealists, Pre-Raphaelites, and whatever else catches my fancy. More recently, most of my inspiration is coming from the mythology and legends of various cultures. Occasionally I get ideas from my own stories, but those often draw from mythological sources as well.