David Sexton

I am a single father of 2 great boys. The oldest isĀ 10 and the youngest is 5.You can also read my crazy ramblings at http://psychowulffecomic.blogspot.com/ I like Art, Painting, Sketching, Airbrushing, Woodwork (custom cabinets and desks- many of them with hidden compartments), PS2 - PS3-Nintendo Game Cube- XBox 360, and most of the games that go with all of those systems. I have 2 boys so I need a lot of video games. Favourite movies Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Fringe, CSI (all forms of the CSI series), Doctor Who (original as well as the new version), Attack of the Show on the G4 Network, The Unit, NCIS, The Mentalist Favourite books All of the Drizzt Do'Urden series of books by R.A. Salvatore, Stephen King, Dean Koontz Favourite music Any form of music except for christian. I mainly listen to Techno, club mixes