I am a huge admirer and painter of the works of Tolkien.For those who are interested in seeing more of my images on a larger format, I can only point you towards my Rolozo Tolkien Gallery. And here too is the link to my gallery at Faszination Tolkien, a German website. If you're interested, please visit my Deviant Art Gallery, which is updated a lot more regularly. Please visit my two sister's brilliant galleries here: Ludi : Jeanne   And also, be sure to check out my good friends and great inspirations: Kirk A. Dymbrowski : Desirée (mio-chan) Skönneberg: Audrey L. Whitham : Jeremy Dylan Mohler : Just Pierce McDowell: Liv Lingborn: Laurence *lolly* Bilodeau: Karen Beaser : Stefanie August : Natalia Nikitin: Monica 'Starling' Izcovich: Eleanor Tyrrell : Lipták László:Antti Iso-somppi : Anna M. Christenson : Danny Staten : Magnolia Blare Busse: Marta Aguado: Jenny Dolfen I welcome commissions, please e-mail me with the word COMMISSION in the subject line for information. You can also purchase a selection of my high-quality prints directly online at My Deviant Prints Site .