Ash'l In The Lake

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Evelyn Nicklin

He fell in the lake, hee X3 Story O.O ------> Ash'l shivered. He didn't like disobeying his father, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him yet again. didn't extinguish the fright. He looked anxiously at the shimmering surface of the lake. It looked dark and unforgiving, slick in the dying sunset's glow. Only a dim light now danced a cursed ritual on the gently lapping waves. The dancers would soon fade, only to be born again with the dawn, and sunrise. The air was cold enough; crisp and dense, and Ash'l's nervous breaths turned to vapour as he exhaled- but the lake looked like molten ice. Ash'l wasn't sure about this. He'd just test the water, he decided. He'd find out whether it was too cold, it if was, he'd go home before anyone realised he was gone. Then he would be safe, and not get in trouble. Ash'l was by no means a stupid child- he was very clever for his age, but he was just so curious... It was something to do with HIS body after all; he had a right to know...didn't he? Didn't he...? Ash'l shivered again, this time as he undressed. If he got his clothes wet, his parents would definitely know. He also made a mental note to try and keep his head out of the water- keep his hair as dry as possible. He glanced around anxiously and then, delicately and experimentally, dipped a tiny tanned toe into the crystalline water.He cried out as his weight seemed to be knocked from under him and he fell head-first into the lake. His legs felt like they'd locked together, then like they had melted away into the shuddering waves. He tried to call for help, but only bubbles came out- and at the same time letting freezing lake water seep into his mouth, his lungs... He began to choke and in a blind panic, he kicked and writhed, thrashing pointlessly. He suddenly saw a long, thick greyish silver tail fin through the murky black liquid and his mouth opened in a silent scream of terror. He desperately tried to swim away, but he couldn't feel his legs anymore and he still saw the silver scales just behind him, glinting with the sunset's final rays. Through the veil of insane fright, Ash'l saw another tail, sleek and black, barely visible but still very much there...  He gulped, coughed, and then gulped again.  Water suddenly began to flow into him and out of his sides just under his ribs. Then strong, lean arms took his waist. He gasped and his voice box worked again. "NO!"

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