Wailing Dead

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Jack Lamothe

Thursday, the 10thFor the past few weeks this odd sort of phenomenon has popped up, where spotters have been reporting people calling out and finding active zombies instead. There're alot of reasons why a changed zombie shouldn't be able to speak, the brain dies off and only the motor and sensory controls reactivate. Yesterday I was on my way to the uptown goods warehouse through the Blueberry Hill neighborhood, which I'm not worried about since I'm well equipped since I've joined the guild.Actually there's been alot of talk about this family that moved into the area that's been hiding infected from the local guild. There hasn't been enough people to flush them out since it's supposedly a big family and it seemed safer just to leave them alone for now, no-one was expecting them to attack if you were just walking around like I've been.So, I hear this calling/wailing from one of the houses and I freeze. I listen for a few minutes and whoever it is keeps calling out, so I start padfooting towards the sound. It was in the lilac house behind one of the beige ones next to the main street and I could hear them more clearly by an open basement window. I keep thinking someone's baiting me in so I circle the house, and sit listening, and circle again looking in windows and the area around. Finally I pull my trencher and go in the door which is open. Little house, the place is empty, there's some boxes, no mess, the calling is coming from the open door to the basement. I peer down there and don't see anything except carpet, the window lets in enough light, so I do the first step, which creaks horribly, wait for a bit, since the wailing continues, go down in.Anyway, there was a smaller room off to the side of the basement suite, and thats where the wailer was. I just watched it for a while, it kept calling for help, 'somebody help, he-elp, Rabecca, Rabecca, help help' etc. Then it spotted me and started crawling over from the corner, its eyes looking at me and hands reaching. The voice didn't seem to notice, it kept calling for help like it didn't know I was there. It was weird and sort of confusing, how the auto movement of the mouth kind of fights with the speaking the voice is doing and messes up what he's saying when it's got something to gnash at.I eventually went up and closed the basement door, marked the front door with a fruity towel from the kitchen, and alerted the cleanup guys when I got to the warehouse. So I went into the station today and the cleanup crew said the thing wasn't talking when they went to take care of it. There's been other sightings of this though and there's alot of speculation floating around. The first thing is that the family brought this sort of zombie in with them, and the rest is about what causes it.Personally I think this strain of plague starts taking over most of the motor function while the victims still alive, and leaves the consciousness locked up in the higher brain with partial access to the vocal cords and some of the face. Its a really weird and selective sort of mutation if thats the case, but it's a beneficial trait if it lures people in and gets the host's loved ones to stay around longer and preserve it. Doesn't seem to last long though, the rest of the brain must die off quickly if the body's zombifying, mine probably lasted less than a day like that but a case in the south with two spotters said the wailing lasted almost three days.

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