Seraphim ( Cover Art)

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Quinn Aboudara

This story starts in a church confessional booth, but it begins some time before that... The man looks at his hands, the blood was still there, no matter how many times he washed them the blood was still there, crimson and burning angrily against his flesh. He looks up as a man sits down in the booth alongside his and the thin wooden blind is pushed aside. ' Why have you come this day to confessional my son?' asks the wheezing voice of the priest, his identity safely hidden by the thin veil of silk and gossamer. ' Father, forgive me for I have sinned and have come to confess,' Seraphim replies slowly as he lifts his head slightly and turns to look toward the older man. ' What Sins have you commited my son. So that I may forgive you in the name of our Lord Sealin?' ' I killed a man,' he says as he looks back down at his hands, still dripping scarlet rivers of those he's cut down. Once again he looks up and continues, ' Actually, I must confess, I've killed many men Father.' ' Were these evil men? Wicked in mind and deed so that their deaths were justifiable?' The priest asks, his eye twitching slightly in surprise to the younger man's confession. It was not everyday that such a confession was given. ' Only one man's death Father.' ' And who is this man that you speak of?' Asks the priest, his intrest rising, a most intresting confession this day. ' You Father... Your death is justifiable.' The loud reports of the twin .44s echo through the church startling a flock of doves that had taken nest in the bell tower. Seraphim steps from the confessional booth, his pistols still smoking as he slides them back into their holsters and sighs shaking his head while the still hot blood courses down his face and drips to the floor. ' Your Sins could not be overlooked Father, though you be a man of the Church, it does not grant you immunity to my blade, for I am judgement sent in human form, to wipe the world clean of all that is broken and diseased within it.' With his final benediction said, Seraphim turns on his heel and strides out the door, the tails of his duster flapping gently in the wind... And thus begins Issue #1 of Seraphim - Last Rites Hope you enjoy.

Published More than a year ago

Category Mythology

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