Bio: I earned a BFA in Illustration in 1999, then promptly went to work in the mainframe computer industry.  I discovered early on that it takes regular income to produce Art, therefore, I have my happy little nook at DST Systems. It involves troubleshooting mainframe computer devices, mucking about the systems, and occasionally working with end-users. It's technical, persnickity, and dynamic. It makes a good logic balance for the creative side of my mind.The creative side of my mind is occupied with dragons and psychadelic color schemes, as it has been since early childhood. Witness the gallery. My favored technique is to use a watercolor base with Prismacolor pencil overlays. Most of the work here was created like this. I also create art with my Zig ink pens, Prismacolor markers, and colored pencils. I also create some black and white ink works. I show my work primarily at SF&F conventions in the Midwest, though I like to try to hit Dragon*Con every year.  I always visit Archon in St. Louis in early October. I do commissioned work regularly.  If you are interested, please contact me privately. I am not accepting requests (that is, freebies) any longer. I have prints available for just about all of the colored work you see here. I make my prints with my Epson 2200, and I do my own matting.  I'm trying to keep the number of images here at Elfwood reasonable. I have my older works, as well as sketches and work-in-progress, up at my Deviant Art Gallery: http://rachaelm5.deviantart.com . Please stop by to see what's new and under construction!