Note:  I am not accepting any new requests for Predator art .  Gotta catch up on my present workload before I add any more to it.  I love fan art.  Shoot; like many of my fellow-artists, I got my start in the art world through fan art.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics warped me during my formative years, and these were followed shortly by the original Aliens vs. Predator and Predator series.  Predator ended up being my favorite monster of all time, and that strange love affair has continued well into my presumed adulthood. I've expanded my fannish interests into other areas lately.  You may see some Harry Potter fan art, some Star Trek fan art, and even some oddball stuff like the Muppets and Chronicles of Riddick.  My attitude runs the gamut from the seriously-bloody to light-hearted parody, and no fandom is too sacred to exploit.  I tend to keep my works to a PG-13 or Teen rating, though you'll see an occasional exception.I now have a Deviant Art gallery where I will be posting more of my works-in-progress, as well as sketches and other current stuff.  I typically update Elfwood once a month, when I have three or four new colored works to share.  The penciling and inking bits are posted at Deviant Art alone.