Rachel Sanford

Well hello there elfwood visitor! Thanks for dropping by my gallery. Now for a little about me. Stats: Gender: Female Hair: Brown Eyes: light blue Grade: 9th Height: 5' 4' ish Internet Alises: Larka, Nessa Silimaure (other rp names: Willow, Kerra, Devaka and more) (other nicknames: Pickle, *honored by my friends: the pervyest person* *also honored by rona: Queen Perv* yeah thanks a lot lol) Hobbies: Well obviously i like drawing, also i like almost any other form of art. I am on the computer a lot, i really enjoy programming, html and the such. I role play a lot also- message board type role playing, like Avid Gamers, I own a few sites and only one is active right now---- ok i told myself i wouldn't advertise on here, oh well. Hmm what else, I like metal, heavy metal, death metal, Techno (techYES!), some oldies, rock, some punk, not much rap- only slim shady kinda, umm. my fav bands (right now at least) are: System of a Down, Thrice, Rammstein and more. My obsessions: Elijah Wood (over and done with, hey but he had a long run) LOTR (kind went along with elijah)(this includes all the hobbits) Kurt Wagner (a.k.a night crawler, eh- he is over) Drakan (still an awesome game) Dragons (it's just an on going obsession kinda) Wolves (same as dragons) JtHM (HEAD EXPLODY! *ahem* yeah johnny the homicidal maniac) Monty Python (The funniest!) TRIGUN! (my CURRENT obsession!! my preciousss...) D&D (recently started the first campain i've been in! so fun :D) Yeah I obsess a lot... About stuff: Buying: I would sell my art, but I REALLY don't think people would want to buy it, lol. Commisons: Again I don't think they would want to pay for it, hey i'm all for it though. Art Trades: I love 'em! but sometimes I am busy with school, ussaly i can find time for art though ^-^ Now what else... oh about comments: I love constructive criticism, but don't just post 'it sucks' lol. And I love even more you telling me my art is good, hehe. ALSO, read the comments before you post something to see if it's already been said, you dont have to read if there is muliple pages but at least on that one page, i just hate responding to the same thing over and over. Updates: 8/27/03- Deleted: All Khan pics, 2 bone dragons, a few more old dragons, Ice Dragon, Mother w/ baby dragon. Also I made this profile and I am planning on adding some pics if i can get my scanner to work.