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Yay! a current RP char... well not so current, i got boerd with her... but anyway here is her bio: Willow is a small female dragon with mighty power, she has many diffrent elements she can fight with mainly Air, Ice, and darkness. Most of her body is a mix bettween white and ice blue, but the inside of her mouth and the bottom of her pows and pure black, for in her past are hints of the death element. Her wings are very very large for she has great flying abiliy, she can fly as fast as thoughts if she wants to. She is a deadicateed(sp?) fighter and a sweet dragon. Mate: Zilgon, she loves him very very much, he is her soul mate and true love, he gave her a diamond necklas for christmas and she treasure's it deeply. They are expecting a hatchling soon. PAST: Her parents were Sky and Rehy: Sky was her mother a pure wind dragon- all white and the most beautiful dragon of her clan. Rehy was her father half ice and half Darkness, his body was dark at the tips of his wings, tail, is paws and some of his arms, and on his muzzle, the rest of his body was ice blue. They met and fell in love when they were both in the clan: Dracsonmorck. The birthed a small dragon, mostly white, a little ice blue mixed in but under her paws was all black and inside her mouth was all black. They named her Willow becasue of their favorite tree. But, The clan leader, Hishcomof, had his eye on the young and beautiful Sky for some time now, he had seen her become mates with Rehy and thought he could easily take care of that but now since she had a daugther he had to talk action fast. Hishcomof sent his gaurds to kill Rehy and Willow but they thought it to rash of a deed so they just banished them to a far away kindom. Rehy protected willow and brought her food. For about 5 years they had been on their own, Rehy told Willow all about her mother, willow had bairly knew her. He also told her what happened and why they were banished. In her heart grew a hatrid for Hishcomof so great she was about to burst. They contiured on their way looking for a clan to join for a long time bout 5 more years, Willow became very close to her father and loved him more than anything. Back at the old clan Sky was caputred and forced to become mates with Hishcomof, she hated him just as much as Willow did and would not do anything with him. She became old and didnt care about her appeacnce anymore. Every day she thought of killing her self, they had told her that Rehy and Willow had been killed and she belived them. One day she killed her self, she ended it, all because of Hishcomof. Some how Hishcomof learned of what had happened to Rehy and Willow, he killed the gaurds that had not done the job right and sent some more gaurds looking for them. They found them sleeping beside a river and were about to kill them but suddenly Rehy woke and willow did too, Rehy and Willow fought and fought but there was too many of them, Rehy had died. Willow saw him fall and used her mighty wing power to escape. She was filled with many emotions, terrible sadness, horrible haterid. She flew at the speed of light for a long time untill she found this clan and landed here. One day she know she is going to avenge her parent's death and kill Hishcomof.~~~~ She holds the amulate of Air, She never lets if from her site, it gives her mighty powers and she thinks some she hasnt discoved yet. When she passed out after fighting Maur she had a dream that she cant remember, but all she can remember is that it was VERY VERY important, she thinks about it alot and still dosnt remember it... something to do with the future.

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