Rachel McCausland

Holy cow, this place is crazy. My last bio was rambling, annoying, and totally pointless. Well, I'm rushing this time so even if it's still pointless, this bio will not be as long as the other one!You'll mostly find final fantasy fanart here, I'm afraid, though I do some stuff of anime.I like: .Yami no Matsuei.Naruto.Bleach.Furuba (Fruits Basket).Fullmetal Alchemist.Rurouni Kenshin .hack//sign .Yu-gi-oh! .Gundam Wing .Blue Submarine no. 6 .ANYTHING FINAL FANTASYMy very first anime was Dragonball Z, and even though I rarely watch it anymore it still has a very strange...er..special *cough cough* place in my heart...o.0 


Just Boy (A Rumpelstiltzkin Story) 2

Well, you all seemed to want to know what happened next, so here it is. I hope it's not too disappointing- not too exciting of a chapter. But I still had fun writing it. hopefully things get more interesting the next chapter! XD


A short story I wrote for english. It looks really REALLY short to me, when it's on the computer, but apparently I was lucky the english teacher read it, because it was over the 1 and 1/2 page limit. 'Cause I forgot to double-space. *blush* But I got an awsome score for it, and the english teacher even put it up on his wall. So that was really cool. I'm actually really quite pleased with this one.

Creation (poem)

Just a random poem I wrote recently...read on and find out!

Just Boy (A Rumpelstiltzkin story) 1

One night mom was reading Rumpelstiltzkin to the kids, and I wondered how it would've went if the girl never guessed Rumpelstiltzkin's name. What would happen to the boy? Well, obviously, he'd go to live with Rumpelstiltzkin. But why did the little man want the baby int he first place? this is only part one. If I get some comments I'll probably continue it *hint hint*

Of the Stars

I've been pretty interested in constellations and stars and whatnot for a while now. If you are also, you'll no doubt notice that all of the characters in this story are named after stars. ^_^ I love my little twinsies. The idea for them just popped into my head and I had to write a story about them. Well, it doesn't have a very good ending, but I'm thinking I might continue it if I get enough people who want me to. Whatcha think? *giggles*

Illusions (Poem)

I originally started this as a sort of poem (obviously) about Erith's feelings when she finds out that Ajan can't see Taye/Demon. Anyway, I realize it's rather short, but then, most of my poems are. Enjoy, or at least I hope you do. ^_^

Just Boy - 3

Well, here it is...finally. And it's not quite as long as the other two I'm afraid ^^; I'll try not to cut the next few chapters so short. I just got to the end and thought 'hey, that's a good place to stop'.