Remi Eastley

Hello. I'm a complete But as for now, I'm just a poor art student trying to learn as much as I can, so I can make my dream come true - my humble dream that is, the thing above is the so-called 'pipe dream' - writing and drawing my own comic book; or at the very least creating art in the comic industry, period. But my own book would be awesome.Some stuff I heart: Vertigo (the company in it's entirety), Blue Monday, Courtney Crumrin, Whedon's X-Men, David Mack and Kabuki, Bendis and BENDISWORLD (aka the Ultimate U), Neil Gaiman, Allen Moore, Jean Auel (Earth's Children series), anime, cult movies (I heart Bruce Campbell), Jonny Depp, Asian cuisine art & culture, Britcoms, and tons more.Check out more artwork (not just fantasy/sci-fi) at my deviantART page: