Welcome! I'm Raerae. I'm a comic artist and specialize in dark fantasy.Webcomic: www.ravenfell.com DA Gallery Prints If you would like to use my images, my only requirement is to link back to one of my galleries on the picture. If I come across any image without it, then I will assume it is stolen. Usage of commissioned images is prohibited by anyone other than me and the client. I like anime, manga, BL, yaoi, dark fantasy, horror, high fantasy, urban fantasy, gay romance, wings, dragons, demon, elves Favourite movies Labyrinth, the Slayers, Kyo Kara Maoh, Kuroshitsuji, Dragonheart Favourite books Melusine, the Virtu, the Mirador, Corambis, Cal Leandros Series, Deathgate Cycle, Dresden Files, Nightrunner, Havemercy