Rachel Baade

I am an anime artist. I don't draw much fanart, so don't expect this to be updated alot. If you want to see more of my art, links are in the sidebar. News: Spring Cleaning time for the gallery.


Acies, Part 1

Boy saving the world!! Heh...nothing original, I know. Typical light vs. darkness story.

Darkest Night

I guess you could consider this somewhat of a sequel to Fallen Soul. They are both side stories to my webcomic, Avalon.

FaeGate Chapter 1

The story of an aspiring mage and his familiar.

Falling Rane

Rane, a young man cursed with eternal life, reminisces on his past. This is only part one ^.^

Fallen Soul

This is a small side story to my comic, Avalon. I was going to make a comic of it, but I was too lazy, so I just wrote it out.