RJ Britton

December 31,2014: this place still exists? May 14, 2009:  This site is ancient, it has all of my childhood work. If any of you want to see any of my new work go to jing-chan.deviantart.com March 18 2006, hello, I am now 19 years old, this page is about 5 years old! I just wanted to say I haven't updated for a while here...and I'm slowly deleating all of the pictures that are here. There are alot of naive people here. I put all my new artwork here: http://jing-chan.deviantart.com May 31 2004 update! Hello I'm 17 and i love Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, and Naruto. Those are my favorite anime titles... Well I havent updated in a while but I Drew vash! Woot!