R.E. Canepa

i dont liek fan art much anymore. so this gallery is rather defunct. i may take it down. i'm not sure. did take down all the images that wern't original. one, its lame. two, i'm having issues with un original art. yeah. what ever. i'm grouchy. and conceided. bite me. c'mon. i liek it.


Even the Stars...

Sometimes, the brightest star is one thats fallen....

Someone Else's Forever

Lame little story that Kicked off ANGEL. However, i suggest reading ANGEL first ^.^;


Mmm... happy thoughts... This came to me whilst driving. Yes they let me drive >:)

The Lady in the Mirror

An idea i've been trying to write for two years now... finaly managed it. :) I like it. Possibly a little ala through the looking glass?

ANGEL - part 2

part 2 of ANGEL. yep

ANGEL - part 1

Part one of the only longish short story i have managed to finish.I've finaly managed to get it to a point where i'm satisfied with it.

StillBorn Dragon

I was bored on night, and this was my entertainment. Duno where i go tthe idea, but i came up with the title and things went from there i guess. the end is kinda lame IMO. e.e anywho, comment will ya?