I draw because the people in my head say that I must. Always listen to the people in your head, they're good people. ^_^Just to let everyone know, I spend the majority of my time at Deviant Art and Live Journal now. If you have accounts at either one of these sites feel free to stop by and say hello!DA - http://luckyraeve.deviantart.com/ LJ - http://raeve.livejournal.com/  I like drawing, painting, film, animation. Favourite movies Supernatural, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, The Princess Bride, Galaxy Quest, The 4400, Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly Favourite books "The Death Gate Cycle" by M.Weis & T. Hickman, "The Legacy Of Heorot" by L.Niven,S.Barnes & J.Pournelle Favourite music Fear Factory, Saga, 70s & 80s music