Dada, a mysterious and sinister race

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Rafael Gonzalez

One of my favorite Ultraman kaiju from episode 28 of the original '66 series. The Dada were a group of invaders, possibly of inter-dimensional origins, who suddenly appeared in the Space Ray Research Center one day and took over; either killing or freezing many of the employees inside. For whatever reason, the Dada needed human test subjects and chose four of their victims and shrank them to miniature size. However, as perfectly suitable as those specimens were, the Dada still needed two more. But non of the other humans were acceptable, so on to plan B: find a lonely stretch of road, wait for buses filled with people, and send them hurling off a cliff and see if any of the survivors are good for use. These crashes quickly got the intention of the Science Patrol, where their own Captain Muramatsu went out on his own to find out who's behind it. The bus meets with the fall, but because the Science Patrol was ready, every one on board made it okay. Except Muramatsu, who was thrown far away from the vehicle, along with a mysterious woman who he helps to safety, but disappears soon afterwards. The woman is actually a worker at the Center, but when getting there, she discovers the Dada and tries to escape. But the Dada have the upper hand until Muramatsu, who was trailing the woman, arrives and protects her until the other Science Patrol members came. One of them, Hayata, is secretly Ultraman and transforms to deal with the invaders in a more effective manner. Good thing too, if he hadn't, the captain and the lady would have become specimens 5 and 6! The Dada were definitely a weird and disturbing bunch, with their reality bending abilities such as teleportation and going threw walls, scary baritone voices, and a heavy air of mystery about their origins and true motivations behind the needing of test subjects. Another thing that was neat was how their faces would transform whenever they passed by an object or whenever the camera angle would change. The design you see before you is my own version of these sinister creatures with slight tribute to their appearance from the 1993 remake series 'Ultraman the Ultimate Hero'

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