Rafael Gonzalez

UPDATE 8/3/2010 - CRAP, that was a long absence! Sadly I've been in one heck of a runt lately, and sadly went over to Deviant Art for a while. In addition to that, I had three items published, but all where minor works, and yet to do another project in the foreseeable future. Regardless, I'm back, and will be adding more recent pieces to my main gallery and fan art one in the days to come. In the meantime, you can go visit my DA account here: http://enshohma.deviantart.com/BIOGRAPHY: Rafael 'Crazy' Gonzalez (not to be mistaken with professional computer graphic designer and author Rafael C. Gonzalez) was born on February 18th 1981 under a blood red moon of evil!. Later however it was revealed that the hospital room he was born at only happened to have red tinted windows and nothing more. He was pretty much a normal kid until he saw his first Japanese monster movie, 'Godzilla vs. the Thing,' on New Year's Day, 1990. Since then he has become what is commonly known as a psychotic giant monster nerd and has indulge himself in the world of such from across the world and in all media. He's also a long time artist and hopes to pursue a career in comic books or animation. I like Art, humor, giant monsters, offbeat music, fantasy films, the ladies *wink*, and spending long amounts of time in large bodies of water. Favourite movies Doctor Who, Japanese Superheroes like Ultraman and Power Rangers, and documentary shows that don't play out like reality television drivel...though Mythbusters is cool. Favourite music Polysics, They Might be Giants, Supergrass, and all the music videos I've recorded over the years.