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A bunch of unrelated pieces done through paintbrush / bitmap. The scary looking chicken beast with glowing green eyes is my take on the Cockatrice of mythology, a half rooster, half reptile with a stare that could kill, much like Medusa (in other versions of the myth, the creature's breath or blood was poisonous). The sinister looking green skinned guy next to the Cockatrice is a character I like to call Lee, the Gone God Boy of Insanity. Basically a mutant human who can bend reality with his sick dangerous mind, thanks to secret government experiments of course. And yes, that's supposed to be a straight jacket he's in. Now moving from the hideous to the sexy, in this case a sultry anthropomorphic beach bunny in a hot pink latex bikini. What can I say, I'm a guy! Next to her are two head profiles. The blue haired guy is known only as Killer and he's an android assassin gone rouge. His hands can fire lasers, as well his right eye. But his main killing ability is super speed, where his punches and kicks have the impact of body bursting bullets. Did I forget to mention that he's somewhat of a sadist? Below him is PalTa, an alien solider in a science fiction story I never completed. Basically she and a small regiment of her kind are trapped with some enemy humans on a planet filled with deadly giant monsters. She was one of the more sane, intelligent characters of the unfinished story and thus one of the main heroes, so to speak, as compared to most of the others who were foolish, needlessly crule, and thus highly expendable monster chow. And finally, the little guy with the dark face is called Dige, member of a working alien race similar to the ant-like Selenites of H.G. Wells's 1901 book 'First Men in the Moon' I never did much with the character since I first designed him though, but I still think its one of my more lovable 'cute' creations, in a semi-creepy insectoid sort of way.

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