ok old bio sucks absoulty hate it. makes me look like something i'm not.here's a little boring info about me to keep the administration happy. name:look up above age:14 7/28/88 and everyone my age is better them me!!! lives:in america in a little unknown swamp of a state called louisana.live near new orleans. inspriration:manga(duh!)music anime and manga that i read and watch(prefer the japanese text with english subtitles to translation)elfwood and non elfwood artists,books, whatever goes on in my wacky head. like to thank all the sweet people out there who commented on my stuff.not only inflates my pride but encourages me too. i check this place like 5 times a day(yes i have no life) AUGUST 23,2003 heh been awhile...er ok since april - - i'm really sorry!! i haven't been doin much fanasty as you can guess motsly i've been expiermenting in the genere of sci-fi but am going to make an attempt to do more fanasty. even with no updates people still comment am surpirsed ^ ^ my fanart gallery seems to have been a fanatastic investment, am so surprised at the feedback. i'm gonna try to work on stuff i've never done like swords ^ ^ (really so i can draw hiei-sama) ^ ^ well anyways i hope you like the updates your comments are greatly apprectiate.