Richard Kittomer' Raidel

I'm 21 years old, a resident of lovely Germany and gifted with too much imagination. So when I'm not hanging on my computer, dwelling through cinemas or going to work, I actually find some time to draw. I seriously started three years ago, but I doodled occasionally before that time. I never took any art classes or the like, everything I know about drawing (Not that it would be much ;), I teached me myself. Since I want to improve myself, I would be glad if you would tell me what you really think about my work. I promise you that I won't drop dead from a heart attack, if you seriously criticise my artwork. I found out that trying to answer each comment eats, literally, my time. So please don't be upset when I don't answer. Please leave comments and visit my Homepage! I would be infinitely thankful! I'm taking now commissions, too! All the info is on my homepage!! When you finish watching my art (and commenting it!), why don't you visit this people and places? The Gryphon Guild - Nice place with lots of gryphons and dragons around... ;) My Homepage - Well... Go there, it's even more of my art there... And an oekaki oard! Fareme's Foxflight Studios - Visit her page! Beautiful art and she makes commissions! Other cool EW artists: Fellow Gryphon Guilders: Melissa A. Hitchcock - Wonderful acrylics and dragons! Charlotte Engels - Give her a try! Her watercolors are quite good! Christiaan A. Iken - Totally awesome acrylic works and some of the most impressive dragons I ever saw! (No, I'm not exaggerating.) Tamara Rouwendal - Cute gryphons here.... Michael Nothdurft - Can anybody say professional comic artist in the making? Wow. Daniela Kufner - Really excellently done humanoids, beautiful coloring and very cute dragons! *grin* Alexandra Reszczynski - Nice anime style artwork! Richard Thomas Lankes - Master of the human body. God of shading. Go look!!! Jessica Jean Tschampa - Very nice gryphons and dragons! Laura Chatterton - Some of the most creative gryphon combinations I've ever seen! Hannah J. Spute - Impressive dragon artwork! Adrian Lai - Nice bunch of Elves... ^_^ Kristin 'Silverfyre' Olson - Cool dragon artwork! Renee LeCompte *Maggock* - My mate's gallery... *drool* Wonderful computer coloring and Gryphons! Go here NOW! Lindsay 'Syris' Campbell - Nice gryphons and a varied gallery, take a look! Jennifer (Nambroth) Miller - O_O *worships* Kelly (Fareme) Mansfield - Wonderful artwork and a wonderful personality... *snugs* Heather R. Schumacher; 'LadyHawk' - Awesome work, really!! Kristen Ames *SilverMoon NightWing* - Fellow dragon and dragon artist... Awesome pencil works! Michele (Peep) Warner - Beautiful artwork! *nods* Xenia Arrick (Swandog) - *yawdrop* Go figure!! Ashley E. Gaia (Orca) - Don't listen to what she tells you.. Her art IS good! ^_^ Mandie S. Valin (Aldebaran) - Niiice... ^_^ Chelsea E Robb *Malistryx* - Visit! Anna 'Ki' Henriksson - Weird but nice.. ^_^ Angyl ~acyd~ Porter - Beautiful coloring style! Uta 'Freawyn' Hesse - The only other German Guilder I know off.. Sarah 'Saoirse' Rael - Gryphons! *twitches* ^_^ Here is a little announcement for you: I created a fantasy art forum, for fantasy artists of all kinds and even those who can't draw but only want to lend their ear, their voice, or their sight.. (Now, am I obsessive or not... ;) However, It's an EZBoard community, but before you run away sreaming, let me tell you that it's a gold community, which means NO ADS!