Raina Kuptz

The eternal college student, I'm a gamer girl (I prefer tabletop, LARP, and online games), and otherwise I'm an art/history major. My art often stems from characters in games, but sometimes it can come quite randomly. Generally these days I prefer to sketch a drawing in pencil and then color with Photoshop - I still look up to those people who can paint directly with their tablet (or even a mouse)! I also do 'fine art'-style class art - check out my personal gallery for that.I absorb all manner of influence from various sources, whether it be drawn or read or heard in class -- Greek and Roman art, Harry Potter, Forgotten Realms and WoD (Classic WoD! Not the newfangled stuff! *Shakes cane*), and Avatar: The Last Airbender are current subjects that may find their way into my art in subtle (or less-subtle) ways. I can do commissions or art trades (occasionally), but no free art these days because I'm busy with school and everything else, and people I know in person tend to be the ones to get the free stuff. These days, I don't update my Elfwood gallery much, so feel free to visit my website for updates and more current art.