Rain Morrows

Lez see here... well I was in desperate need of a new bio so here I am on some day of some random month (I do believe the year is 2004) racking my brain cell (yes singular) about what I can impart to you few that do read peoples bio's. Well hmmmmmmm... I’m a student in the USA and I tend to draw pointless things such as can be seen bellow. I've recently (so theres not much there yet) got a deviantart account (http://bushwacked.deviantart.com/)where you can also view my work. I really need improvement and I absolutely adore comments (which subsequently aid improvement)!!! So please leave me some remarks if you've got the time!!!! (mean ones are just as appreciated as happy happy helpful ones so vent if you’d like!) If you’re really inspired you can e-mail me at Tomorrowsrain@hotmail.com and or contact me over AIM under the screen name of Tomorrowsrain88. Welp enjoy!