Kristina Beaton

Hey Guys! I am back! I'm 25 now. I thought I'd keep my old post, though, for memories. Lol. I wrote this years ago: ............................................................................."My bio-sort of thing Hahahahahaha... Hi. Yeah uhh there's my stuff... Don't... steal... =_= _ Or I'll see you in court) lol. Yay... Anyways my name is Kristina; and I'm *cough*15*cough* & I live in a box… with… My ……Imps... that I draw... and write about...everyday. I have a wee lil' gallery up: you can find it here: ... It's slightly flooded with sad little sketchies of the morons you will find in the writing here. ... Heh heh...:( DO expect to find my novel series on the shelves one day. I have devoted my little life to my sad little world of sharp ear'd morons, and I will not stop writing about them until I have DIED.... Yep. Lol. . : - P Bless you for reading!! ^_^ ... *phew* I'm hungry. *steals Moron's blueberries and runs away* " I'm so happy elfwood didn't delete my profile page. Thanks, elfwood!

The Prince Of Nothingness

Marick was just somewhat lying about lazily, just stirred awake when he realized someone had given him a bit of a hair cut (evened out his hair for once... or at least, had his bangs amputated...) This was simple coincidence as his rather irritating friend (Sarah, who even I found rather annoying to write about-- decided she should DIE in my second novel...) was so eager to change his bloody look that she went and did without his bloody consent. Bloody G'ad. *she cut his hair while he was a snooze* He was then at this time caught by some passing moron who decided he looked like a good impostor of the sort. You see, there is this cute young prince fellow who was kidnapped … heh heh, and right before a very important day that he would be judging someone for a crime he knew himself the person was innocent. But, the wee prince's brother was otherwise quite merciless, and at this time other witnesses were afraid this innocent moron fellow would be due to drown. Rather than letting this occur, Marick is bribed into wearing some rather oversized clothing and gets to sit about a thrown for a few days, until this whole bloody mess gets sort out. He hates every moment of it. They offer him plenty of food his kind doesn’t eat. This includes lots of cute dead animals, which he finds rather disgusting. ~~~ This was really written for the sake of catching a small moment to make better later. I want all thoughts put on comment! EMEDIENTLY! lol. I'm not happy at all with this. I think I might go about to writing the whole idea, the whole- cut hair , blah blah, ' get off your rear and come with me, young moron!' sort of thing.

Frogs, Bluebberries & A Bloody Talking Bean

This was my attempt to write about an idea my close friend helped me come up with. A talking bean. I had asked him, as he was so packed full of ideas- ( really, he is ) ... to give me an idea of how to tell Marick that he murdered one of his friends-- (( a character I somewhat got annoyed with by the time I began writing my second novel.. got bored of writing about her so much that I decided to have her DIE )) ... heh heh: and he said something about a pot bean popping out of the grass and asking Marick a truth or dare question: Marick would say truth of course ( any unusual creature daring you to do something isn't likely be too usual, now can it? ) and the bean would tell him that he actually killed someone during the times he was possessed ( which happens during the second novel, unfortunately for him ), and ... well, it would be a lie—thus the idea allowing me to write something that would make him feel guilty, of course. Marick, though I love you ( you are my cigarette-stress reliever ) this is how things are going to be for a while... you must SUFFER!! ...: hug: many apologies... Anyways, the idea was too bazaar for such an emotional time for Marick- so I decided to change the idea and put it in my first novel- and use it for something else. What the bean is going to say is completely unthought-of at the moment. I will write about Marick realizing he’s a psychotic murderer when I come up with an idea of how to (wouldn’t mind suggestions from anyone here... though I would prefer you send me a private note.. Tell me how Marick should be lied to about... killing his little girl friend) Any how, I quickly wrote down my introduction: the very 'before' of Marick's little chapter with this talking bean, and finaly I have some of the conversation down: I am now trying to END the conversation. I know it's just.... irrational, but everyone needs to try something different. The idea written here is that he is sitting under a willow tree thinking of idiot-life-forms: which is really foretelling what he thinks of during the time he actually does see the bean. >_> .. Yes. heh heh. Quite confusing, I know- but the first person to read this took it quite seriously and she appreciated it making her a deviant sister right away, lol.. Yesh. bless good readers! I’d love any ideas that come to mind of Marick’s acquaintance with the talking… bean... >_>. And anything that you think of the introduction- the conversation- just please bare in mind I wrote this fairly quickly, straight out of my head : and it is NOT EDITED… well, I suppose that’s obvious.. Thank you for taking your time with this! Bless you, lol.