Katie Raynes

A very short bio for the time being, since I'm just putting a few pictures up in order for the Elfwood people to not delete my page because I ran out of time to put it up ^^;; I like anime, a lot. My life practically revolves around it, and that doesn't bother me one little bit! Hehe ^_^ I also love to write and read, and most of the stuff here is going to be fan pictures from books that I'm not sure would violate copyrights in the Lothlorien section. Look for Vampire Chronicles things, maybe a couple Lord of the Rings pictures, and eventually I'm going to do some Good Omens fanart ^_^ Woohoo! Hope you enjoy my stuff!


It Calls Itself Erebus

This is a group of stories that are compiled posts from an RPG message board, detailing the various surreal things that happen to my character Erebus in its little pocket dimension. I've put Erebus's bio first, because a bit of explaining is in order, and the rest of the stories follow with lines of ~ separating them. The bio should tell you all you need to know for the stories. They were just little bits I'd written, starting June 2001 and going through this past fall. I'll be adding more to this whenever the inspiration hits me ^_^ I hope everyone enjoys it! Just a small note... My Word program and Elfwood don't exactly seem to get along, so please assume any randomly huge font to be normal font in italics -_-;;

White Rose

This is the result of my furry obsession, written probably around four or five years ago. I'm only really putting this here because I have to upload two stories, I want to upload them now, and I don't have anything else ready ^_^ It's called White Rose because of the monestary, incidents at which the main plot revolves around, but takes place nowhere near. It's old, it hasn't been changed since I wrote it the first time, and it was really going somewhere but has little hope of that now ^^;; Don't judge too harshly.