René Frederiks

I'm a short (1.70m) spindly (weight: a meager 51 kilos) messy guy from Holland. I prefer to spend my days out in the sun with my laptop for typing, or with a sketchbook at hand, in fact, I never leave without it. I draw both Paleo-fantasy (medieval times mixed with dinosaurs) and a more common version of Kemono.  I like Paleontology, Falconry, Paleobotany, Art (any form, writing, visual, audio), Archery, Horsemanship, swordsmanship, herpetology, and watching reptiles. Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings(peter jackson), Troy(wolfgang petersen), King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven, Jeanne D'arc, The Chronicles of Narnia(both movies). Star Wars, Alien, Final Fantasy(both movies). Favourite books Jurassic Park, The Lost World, The Lord of the Rings, Ilias, Odyssea, Narnia. Favourite music to much to name. primarily Soundtracks and orchestral songs. I also like bards-songs and lyrical poems.

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