Hi! I'm the ever illusive Darkrose, also going by Raithlyn in some circles. They're my pen names, along with Dynell O'Conner. I'd like to think my art is pretty original, mostly based on characters I've created for various Dungeons and Dragons games or for my world in the Eloraine Chronicles. Originally I was a die-hard Elfquest fan, bought all the graphic novels, and learned to draw by copying Wendy Pini's amazing work but then I was inspired by Japanese comic style (manga) and proceeded to develop my own style only loosely based on either one with a lot more elements of classical art and realism. Recently people have started asking me for commissions, which I think is awesome. All my drawings are pencil on white paper, some finished with colored pencil and others with Photoshop. Thanks for taking interest in my work! I like Music, fantasy art, classical art, NOT modern art, theatre (not theater), storytelling, and designing characters and costumes. Favourite movies Robin Hood: Men in Tights, anything by Mel Brooks, The Last Unicorn Favourite books Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, Elfquest by the Pinis, and Tolkein because of his mad, mad worldsetting genious Favourite music Monteverdi, Saint-Saens, and Evanescence (with a little blues, country, rock, and folk thrown in for good measure)