Randy McVey

Greetings! I would like to welcome you to my world of myth, magic, romance and fantasy. I am a self taught artist following in the footsteps of new romantics Barry Windsor Smith, Mike Kaluta, Robert Gould and Thomas Canty. The work of these artists led me to discover the works of the pre-raphealites and art nouveau artists like Alphonse Mucha. The magical realism of Michael Parkes is a recent influence, more for content than style, one more element in the synthesis of my artwork. For any of you who might be members of the SCA (where I am known as Baron Bragg MacMorrichai) you may have already seen my work in one of their many publications. I currently reside in Birmingham Alabama USA with my lovely wife and muse Crystal, son Connor ,daughter Moira. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work.