Greetings! I am Curt. Welcome to me... Curt... dot com! Um... what do I like? I like... nerdy stuff, truth be told. Big geek. Some girls dig that. I'm a comfortable-type person. I enjoy sitting home, and watching TV. Playing games of the video persuasion. Drawing. I draw alot. I like themeparks. Rollercoasters. Loop-Diddy-Loops. Gross food and over-priced novelty merchandise. Standing in line for a half-hour to get an icee. Frosted Flakes. Popsicles with cream in the middle. Ho Ho's. Purple and Blue Crayons. Comic books. Teaching small children how to play Mortal Kombat, something I hope to do with my own children one day. (Note: I have no children, but I imagine I will somewhere down the line. I want girls. Boys are dumb. I know from personal experience.) Sooo... that's all I can think to write right now. Maybe I'll add more later. Gimmie a buzz if you'd care to shoot the breeze. I like Orlando, Florida. Disney World, Toys, Television, Cartoons, Movies, Games, Entertainment, Not being single, Drawing, Coloring, Women with Electrical Tape on their Boobs. Favourite movies The Craft Scream Halloween Reefer Madness Planet of the Apes (Original) The Monster Squad Spaceballs The Rocky Horror Picture Show Underworld The Lord Of The Rings Harry Potter Sin City Kung Fu Hustle Killer Klowns From Outer Space Jurassic Park Godzilla Movies Gremlins II: The New Batch Favourite books I'm diggin' Harry Potter, truth told. Favourite music I like female vocals. Call me crazy. Most people do. I just prefer a female singing voice to a male, most people don't. *Shrugs* Jack Off Jill Bif Naked Scarling Harlow Garbage No Doubt Evanescence Kittie Spice Girls Genitorturers Letters To Cleo Heavy into the chick bands. Don't use this category to judge me, I'll be the 1st to admit I have weird taste in music. :P