Curt Rapala

I draw lots of scantily clad females... not on purpose, just by habit, it's pretty much what my mind has become good at. Tweak is my recurring brainchild, be sure to check her out in my Sci-Fi Gallery. I'm mostly into character design, but I think I'd be good at fashion design, though I haven't looked into it much, 'cause it's not really what I wanna do. *Shrugs* Alot of people like the boots I draw for some reason. Apparently I draw cool boots. I enjoy comic books. They're fun. Marvel. None of that DC crap. *Shakes Fist* Though I do allow Batman due to all the great strides he's made in the area of television and film. Comic books and cartoons influence my drawings more often the not. I'm a smartass. I'm shy. I'm honest. I'm lonely. I'm creative. I'm funny. I'm likeable. I'm tolerant. I'm emotionally fragile. I'm attracted to stereotypical goth, punk, what have you girls looks, but most have them have warped themselves into having stupid personalities. So basically what I like is normal people wrapped in abnormal skin. If my life were a game of Final Fantasy, these people would be members of my party: Heather: I met Heather here, god knows how long ago, but have since known her in the real world sense for quite a while. Go check her out.Zach: Zach on the other hand, I met in the real world sense first, in highschool, then we both set up galleries here. You should probably check him out too.What am I doing right Now: Yawning.