Rachel Pelton

Okay, first off I've written some fan fics myself. Lol, wanna read 'em? go to my private Library, You'll have to navi to the library section from there, cause the whole site is iframes ^_^; It'll explain a lot of the pics like the 'Nani?' pic (that I'm not THAT fond of...) Been forever since I updated, but I should have more piccys on the way!! Some of hiei, and possibly even other anime characters as well. As always comments welcome, but people -_-; please, remember he's not REAL ^_^; Stop yelling at me to draw him single or with a MAN. These are my drawings, if you don't like who *I* pair him with then draw your own ^_^


Caldrine and Draknor 2

Okay, okay, I've been hounded so much by people wanting to know what happens next that I'm uploading this small bit. check back at a later time though, as I'll add more to this (I won't make it a part 3, just update this file)


It's hard to say really, I've made so many different versions of this particular story. One that's starts with a fight, and then goes back in time to explain everything. One where the main character works like every normal person, and now this one. I like the way this is going. Once I finish this, and if God's with me on it, I'm going to attempt to get it published. (at which point it'll be removed from Elfwood) I'm not going to post everything, just the first few chapters. ^_^

Draknor and Caldrine

This is just a little something I started writing as a inside joke with a friend of mine. After a few pages I started expanded on it however, and now I've decided to share the first part. I left in all the little notes I wrote to explain everything, so don't mind them if you're already HUGE into fantasy stuff ^_^

Caldrine and Draknor 3

Only the next episode, more soon I SWEAR!