Michael Rapoport

Michael is a student in high school and is fascinated by the fantasy world and the creatures that inhabit it. For years Michael has dabbled in fantasy writing and reading and has now been able to start up a large fantasy project known as the World of Magarren (see homepage). Michael spends his spare time working on his website and game, both based on his novel Dark Prophecy and listens to the headbanging metal music of the 80s all day long. I write fantasy because I am inspired by the things that are beyond reality, but moreover... inspired by the way I am able to write about reality in a metaphorical sense by using fantasy. I am inspired by my life and the people in it, but most of all music and my role model musician/singer Ronnie James Dio (http://www.ronniejamesdio.com). Writing is not the main part of my life, like any normal kid I love to hang out with my friends, do sports and listen to music. Oh, I also love chocolate ^_^


Dark Prophecy - Prologue

This story was stemmed from Chronicles of War into something more serious and detailed. It is a piece of work I am most proud of and I hope people enjoy it.

Chapter 2

The second chapter to the novel, I think they get better as they go along.. you decide.

Chapter 4 (Excerpt)

I've actually finished chapter 4 already and even moved on to chapter 5... but it's on my other comp, so just enjoy this small start of it about Gerald.

Chapter 1

This is the first chapter to the story.. it's a little drafty, the chapters to come will be MUCH better. But it simply introduces one of the main characters, a dwarf named Xanderick.

Chapter 3

The third chapter goes back to the Gerald storyline. This is the beginning of the key darkness theme in the novel.

Chronicles of War - Prologue

This is just a small prologue that starts of my novel Chronicles of war, hope you like it.

Chronicles of War - Chapter 1

This is the first chapter to my novel, where you meet a few interesting characters.